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D Y Hide

d y hide

artist and art educator


Based in the UK, I've been involved in the art world for my entire adult life.

I've worked on commercials, produced record sleeves for obscure bands, provided some very bespoke interior decoration and painted extremely large murals for a very rich man.

At the end of the day, I love art. I love it for the discipline involved as much for the opportunity it provides for flights of fancy. I love producing my own art; I love helping others to produce theirs. I love seeing what I can do; I love seeing what others can do.

What's not to love?

If you're interested in buying an original piece of art from me, please message me on Facebook or email me here.



The Same Image Haunts Me by D Y Hide


The Temple of Love by D Y Hide


Wish You Were Here by D Y Hide


Moonlight by D Y Hide


End of Days by D Y Hide


Sign of the Sun by D Y Hide


The Vanishing Vulture by D Y Hide


And Then There Were None by D Y Hide


Ghost Patrol by D Y Hide


Golden Goddess by D Y Hide


The Vanishing Cat by D Y Hide


Caramel Caracal by D Y Hide


Fear No Evil by D Y Hide